Service Facilities

Ideal partner

For each type of accommodation facility, Stayp aims to manage administrative services in outsourcing.

“Minimizing the costs and optimizing the time of its staff”.

This is the winning proposal of STAYP:

a strong cost containment, with the certainty of a safe, fast and cheap service.

No fixed costs, yes to a few cents per consumption. Ideal balance for a job that is in any case related to seasonality.

Stayp allows you to dedicate yourself to the job you love most: welcoming your guests.

We take care of:

  • Placement of the Structure in the Portals.
  • Management of reservations and related messages with Guests.
  • Secure acquisition of guest data, adapted to the GDPR.
  • Loading in the Housing Portal.
  • Upload to the Turistat Portal.
  • Billing.
  • Complete management of Tourist Tax (where required in the Municipality of the Structure).
  • Complete specific regulatory know-how.


You can always view the progress of your Structure: Stayp provides you with reserved access to our Management System where you can check reservations, rates and any other item of your activity.

The strong tariff competition forces every entrepreneur to focus on containing costs.

Stayp knows this and it is the best service for accommodations.